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I wanted to make my cardboard character pace back and forth and shiver like a leaf (pardon the pun). by pushing down the degree of rotation ( about 3%) and a really quick timing (like .5 seconds) I was able to get a nice "shaking effect" on my panicky tree. The problem is that I had to anchor the bolt to something in order to use the bolt. I initially put a bolt on some sticker panel. But the sticker panel wobbled-- not my character. I added a gravity tweaker, slapped it on the sticker panel and ratcheted up the dampening-- this wobbled my character perfectly, but made it difficult to add the added back-and-forth pacing motion that I wanted on the character. I initially resolved this by taking additional material, bolting it and then adding a bunch of movers and tweakers and complicated doo-dads to make this work.

I wasn't happy with the setup. Today I figured out a better way.

The problem with the wobble bolt, primarily is that you have to fix it to something. I decided to use a 2 port selector and some rotators to address the problem. I hooked a timer to a selector and then each selector connected to a rotator (one rotated 5 degrees, the other -5 degress). I tried turning down the time to a fraction of a second, but it still didn't seem quick enough... I settled on hooking a not gate up to itself and using that to feed the selector. The result is an object that rotates like a wobble bolt would without the need to be fixed to anything.

Posted Image

For the pacing action, I put down a tag on either side of my panicky tree. I then took another 2 port selector and hooked each tag to a port on the sensor. This set up a scenario where only one of the tags was active at a time. I then used a timer to make the selector go back and forth. From there, I put a follower on my character set to go after the tag. When the selector highlights the left tag, the character moves left. When the selector highlights the right tag, the character moves right.

This gave me a much cleaner, more reliable character animation.

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Very nice post. I like how you broke down the issue and described the previous functionality and limitations before telling us your new way. I think you also just turned on a light in my head. I had never thought of adding a gravity tweaker to holo or sticker before because it never moved to begin with. This may have just made my life a little easier about one year too late! It’s too bad I’m at work right now and can’t give my ideas a try.
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