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Thermo problems!

Poll: What title do you prefer for the level? (3 member(s) have cast votes)

What name do you prefer for the level?

  1. The Third Season (1 votes [34%])

    Percentage of vote: 34%

  2. The Spirit of the Wind (2 votes [67%])

    Percentage of vote: 67%

  3. Other (please comment) (0 votes [0%])

    Percentage of vote: 0%

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So, I have had some awesome progress in my Autumn level. I think I've already mentioned what it is about, I'll insert a quote about that anyway just for the ones that didn't notice about that blog post:


Autumn level. Yeah! Right now it is in a 50% of progress, it features many windy-gameplay, somewhat like seen in Yu-kamone's Windy Valley, but with different twists and focusing in this windy-gameplay more like the main aspect of the gameplay rather than being a pretty way of moving sackpeople. Probably going to post a full blog entry of this level's creation process (as "usual") when it is finished.
People have told me its quite spectacular (lololololololol really?) in some parts (ohhhh), and it has every single Autumn Pack sticker, deco and objects. Pretty nice level, I made it trying to focus in the exact opposite to what I usually make: 1P only levels with sackbots, fast paced, gameplay-focused thing.
So you can expect a more relaxed, multiplayer-compatible (uhmmm... almost. Really hard to do with the wind sequences!) nice and pretty, yet original level for this one.

So, now I can say its about 80% done, and I just want to add 1 or 2 more rooms. The problem is, I've only got about 1/8 of the thermo left. And there are lots of emitters in the level (I had this awesome idea so that in every part of the level there is a continuous falling leaves effect) which looks awesome but that probably fill that 1/8 of the thermo by themselves.
So, I don't think a level link is worth 2 more rooms, I dislike the emmiter/destroying effect and the level isn't designed for it (you can always return to previous sections. I have already reduced the number of sticker panels and added conditions so that the emitters only work when the player is near.
So I'm stressed. I'm probably modifying the level so that some entrance is one-way only, so that I can destroy some rooms or something, and emit the rest of the level. Aghhh I'm so lazy right now... Maybe tomorrow. School has reduced the number of hours I can spend in Create for about 2 hours, so I've found the creation process much more frustrating and time-consuming with almost no progress lately.
Yeah, I'm frustrated. Anyway, it is only 2 more rooms to go man!
The ironic thing is that this thing is not even a large level, but there are so many decorations (so weird in me and my style, actually) that it is overheated.
Ok, just a post to uhmmm... unburden? Yeah... Whatever.
I seriously expect that I can finish it in the weekend, so I can accomplish my task of publishing this thing before LBPV's release date.
OHHHHHH! I almost forget! What title would you prefer for the level?
I'll make a poll, or you can post/comment about it. Thanks for your support guys! The options are:

1)The third season
2)The spirit of the wind
3)You can comment other ideas

Uhmmm... Maybe "Falling Leaves"? LOLZ no, too simple and awkward. Anyway, thanks once again, yugnar off!

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are there sackbots that you could emit/destroy? it doesnt sound like you'll need that much more thermo.
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