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The Final Report

At last after hours and hours of no sleep i finished although it is a real disapointment since i could have done my level better but i worked for the most part of it in two days, so yeah.
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PLCC3 Report

Sorry, I've been really busy and haven't had the time to really blog but as the time is coming down i do hope to finish. I started working on my boss because the level was really getting to me and i just couldn't accomplish anything. So, what I've been doing is waking up early and sleeping late and even then i can barelt accomplish...
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PLCC3 Reborn

I have decided that i will go ahead with my level since i have a pretty good level going.
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Man oh man, I/ really wanted to win the PLCC3 contest but due to so little time i really won't have time to do anything and so i shall count myself out. I am now planning to work on a project which i have put for so long on hold.
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Wow, just incredible i went a whole week without playing waiting for the weekend and then when it arrives I had nothing. I didn't feel like creating anything I was back in "Creators Block". I actually started up LBP2 yesterday but didn't do anything that i would say is worth blogging about and today i did the most work all...
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For some reason yesterday several people had a lot of trouble getting any creation time in and i was one of them. So, I basically didn't have anything done to the level and yesterday was my last day of spring break meaning I was back to having no playtime during the week.Then I asked my mom for permission and she said I could have 1 hour to do...
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Yesterday was a pretty slow moving day as is going to be today all i did was add more scenery to the level, but what worries me is that now it looks like it has too much. So I need you guys to tell me what it looks like
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Report of Day 4

Friday, it seemed like everyone got a lot of work done on their levels, as did I. I got a lot of work done after Thursday's "Creator's Block" i actually have two pictures to show you guys:
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Report of Day 3

So, yesterday i had a very hard time on working on any of the level i barely got anything finished so i won't upload any pictures for now.
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Report of Day 2

Sorry i couldn't blog about yesterday earlier i had a few internet problems so instead i'm doing it now.

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